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I'm Becky and I am the owner of Tailends.

Tailends combines two huge loves in my life... Dogs and crafts. I have always loved dogs, however it wasn't till I was 16 and after many years of nagging did we get our first family dog, a rescue big GSD X Doberman mix called Barney. He adored me and I adored him and he introduced me to the realms of being a dog obedience instructor.


Shortly after we got a Bearded Collie pup called Kezzy to join us and this started my love of Beardies. I got my own working Beardie, Echo, in 2002 and she joined my hubbies Labrador and Collie, Taz and Stanley. Minnie, a rescue Pyrenean Sheepdog also joined the pack and together we all had fun doing dog agility.

Our current motley band consist of Wave, a cheeky, pushy Working Beardie yearling who is learning the art of sheep dogging. Lilly, a 2 year old rescued Whippet X Chinese Crested who is simply the sweetest little love who just loves a cuddle and a good run! Last of my trio is Wave's dad, Gadget a 7 year old Working Beardie who I have enjoyed the most incredible dog agility journey. From a pup he was a total delight and just wanted to please to the best of his ability. He quickly showed his talent in Agility and progressed up the grades up to the top level of Grade 7 entitling us to compete in Championship classes with the countries best. Our proudest moments include a 3rd placement in a championship final class but best of all we became 2014 Olympia ABC champions at Olympia's prestigious International Horse Show in front of 20,000 people and being shown live on TV.... A truly unforgettable moment!

Over the years I have turned my hand to many crafts from cross stitch sewing, sculpture, drawing, latch hook and making baby/toddler items on the sewing machine. I fell into beadwork by accident after I went to an agility show and forgot to take Gadget's agility collar so I had to purchase a boring plain blue nylon collar. After the show I took it upon myself to create something more eye catching and interesting for that collar and made it into a blue and silver diamond beaded collar... Much more attractive! And a collar I still have to this day!


My beading has since grown in diversity in both designs and applications... Not stopping at dog collars but also dog harnesses, leads and horse head collars. Many a Tailends collar has featured at top Dog events including Olympia, Crufts as well as international events, adding extra sparkle to exceptionally special events!

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